a language for studying in France and abroad

January 7th, 2005

v13Speaking French opens up study opportunities at prestigious French universities and business schools ranked among the best higher education institutions in the world.
French teachers are renowned for their dynamic, inventive style and high expectations. Since French education has a reputation for excellence, students excel and are highly motivated.
At primary and secondary levels, France operates a unique system of international French schools outside its borders, with some 235,000 pupils enrolled in a network of 430 French schools in 130 different countries. As 56% of these students are non-French, this network is truly unique. It caters to the needs of professionals working abroad who demand a high standard of education for their children.

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The list of all interactions between French and English is way too long to be shown here, but a famous French linguist, Henriette Walter, has written the most comprehensive books on the subject:

– In English
French inside out, by Henriette Walter, Routledge ed., translated from French by Peter Fawcett, 1994

– In French
Honni soit qui mal y pense, L’incroyable histoire d’amour entre le français et l’anglais, by Henriette Walter, éd. Robert Laffont, 2001