fun to learn

June 27th, 2011

v10French is an easy language to learn, especially for English native speakers as 50% of English vocabulary is derived from French and 3221 words are strictly identical. It is easy to communicate in French after just a few lessons.
French appeals to students because it is a melodious and romantic language. It is of great assistance when learning other languages, especially Romance languages such Italian or Spanish.
A huge range of up-to-date teaching resources, based on contemporary songs, films and live material, makes learning French enjoyable from the first years of school.
In schools, French is also often heard on the stage as the richness of French literature and theatre encourages teachers to put on plays with their students.
To enhance the fun, students and teachers can easily get in touch with French speakers, online or in real life, through many types of visit and exchange programmes in France or through thousands of French schools twinned with schools around the world.