Learning French Language in New Zealand

December 18th, 2006

There are many ways for learning French language in New Zealand:

1/ The Alliances françaises
The Alliances françaises of New Zealand are part of a worldwide network dedicated to French language and culture. Check what type of classes the nearest Alliance offers
Please note that a few of the Alliances françaises of New Zealand, due to some constraints, may not always offer French language classes. All of them offer cultural or social activities.
Find out more about the Alliance française worldwide network

2/ Primary and secondary schools:
Search a school anywhere in the country to find out which foreign language it provides:
To find out more about learning French language in New Zealand:
– contact the National Adviser for French Language at ILANZ (International Languages New Zealand Aotearoa)
– or contact the Regional facilitators for second language teaching and learning

And if French is not taught in your school, why not ask the Principal if French could be offered? The teachers of French master the most up to date methods and technologies. Many of them have spent time in France or French-speaking countries, and some of them are even French native speakers.

3/ Virtual Learning Network (VLN)
Schools in rural areas or other schools whose numbers of students of French are too low to open a course can regroup and create clusters through which they will be able to register their students to online classes (+ teachers support and resources). Easy to use, and definitely the best option for small schools or small numbers. It’s growing fast now in NZ.

4/ French language schools in Universities
University of Auckland
University of Canterbury
University of Otago
Massey University
Victoria University
University of Waikato

5/ The correspondence school
The correspondence school offers French classes at different levels, whether you are a complete beginner or already have some knowledge of French. Find out more

6/ Richmond Road school, Auckland
There is a bilingual French-English unit in this primary school: an opportunity for children to learn French from a very early age.