Speaking French language; a long and still lively love story

January 4th, 2008

v05In 1066, William the Conquerer, Duke of Normandy, won the battle of Hastings and was crowned King of England. From this moment, speaking French language started to interact extensively with English. It was the beginning of a long love story between both languages, which is still very much alive, consisting of a huge number of reciprocal borrowings.

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Words travelled from one language to the other, then came back to the cradle with different meanings or spellings, while others enriched the other language and gave birth to different words, concepts and ideas.

The number of borrowings, over the centuries, is now so high that it is often hard to be sure which of the two languages a given word comes from. Today, more than 3000 words have exactly the same meaning and spelling in French and English. As a result, this long-standing love story between French and English makes it incredibly easy for an English native speaker to learn French, as English and French have so many similarities.